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Teach Kids Bathroom Hygiene from a Young Age to Develop the Habit

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bathroom hygiene for kidsThe bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is very important that cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the bathroom so that their germs and diseases are not spread. Make sure your children learn the basic cleanliness and hygiene habits so that they develop the habit while growing up and it becomes a natural thing to them. These things should be taught in schools as well. However, parents should make it a point to instill these things in children so that they understand the importance of bathroom hygiene and cleanliness.

Here is a checklist that can be followed for teaching your kids about bathroom hygiene and cleanliness:

Washing hands properly

Most kids are in a hurry to do things and will rush through most processes. But they should take some time in cleaning and washing their hands properly. Germ attacks are highest on the hands and so they should be cleaned properly for sure. Keep ample hand soap as children love the foam that is formed from soap. Ask them to clean both sides of their hands by rubbing them together. Wash away the soap with water and wipe the hands dry with a towel. This should be done before and after eating and should be made a habit.

Keeping the washroom clean

It will depend on the age of the child if he/she can clean the washroom or not. Very small kids will not be able to do it by themselves but they should be taught the same so that they have the knowledge. They can do small things like cleaning their toothbrushes properly before putting them back in the holder, seeing that water is not accumulated in the soap dish and such. However, with age, children can learn to wash the basins and the vanity areas to keep them clean.

Keeping clothes to be washed and dirty towels in a separate basket

Children should be taught to keep the clothes that need washing, dirty towels and other things in a separate basket. Place the basket in a place that is easily accessible by a child. With habit, children will not spread dirty clothes all around the room nor will the dirty towels be put in a corner. They will be kept at the right place so that they are washed on time.

Keeping towels dry

Most of the kids have the tendency of putting the used wet towel on the bed or in other places. With this, the towel does not dry properly and there is the possible development of mold and mustiness. After use the towels should be hung in some place so that they can dry soon. See that the hook for hanging the towel is within the reach of the child.

Putting the toilet seat down after use

This is a very good habit that children should learn for sure. After using the toilet, it should be flushed well and then the toilet seat cover should be put down. This avoids the spread of germs greatly.

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