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Ten Tips to Decorate and Organize a Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Living in a studio apartment requires you to get creative when it comes to decorating and organizing the space. The typical studio apartments measure approximately 300-600 square feet that includes the kitchen, living area, dining area, bedroom and the bathroom. Studio apartments are usually affordable and they can be comfortable living spaces even if you have already started your family. With the right accessories, decorations, paint and furnishings a small studio apartment can have the feel and look of a home.

Tip 1: De-clutter

The most important part of creating a space that appears larger is to de-clutter. Toss out or donate everything that you do not use. Magazines and other paper items should be kept to a minimum. Organize the space with the use of decorative wicker baskets, trunks or furniture that has included storage areas. Store extra blankets, linens and pillows in plastic containers that stack in a closet or fit under pieces of furniture.

Tip 2: Wall Color

Just because a space is small, does not mean you should fear color on the walls. Use a lighter and a darker shade of the same color palette. For example, paint three walls a pale shade of green and one wall a darker green. Avoid colors that contrast each other which can make the room feel closed in.

Tip 3: Furniture

Living in a studio apartment means utilizing every square inch of living space. Multi-purpose furniture is furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, loft beds are perfect for providing a sleeping area as well as additional storage or usable space. Separate the area into rooms by placing a loft bed next to a wall and use the area underneath to place a chest of drawers or a desk for work space. Create a dining room in the area closest to the kitchen space by using a small foldable dining table or a rolling bar with two bar stools.

Tip 4: Windows

Avoid making the room feel dark and small by using sheer draperies and do not use blinds unless absolutely necessary. If you are in an area where privacy is not a concern, leaving the windows bare will provide more light and an open feeling to the space.

Tip 5: Lighting

The more lighting you have in the space, the larger and more comfortable it will feel. Divide lighting needs by rooms and tasks. General lighting is lamps and/or overhead lighting that are used for daily activities, task lighting could be a small lamp that you use for reading, sewing or writing. Or use decorative lighting which includes table lamps, pole lamps or overhead lighting that serves a purpose as well as add a glow to the area.

Tip 6: Mirrors

Placing mirrors in the space helps to reflect light and make the space appear larger. Strategically place various size mirrors on one or two walls. If you want a coffee table or end tables, using pieces with glass tops will also make the space feel larger.

Tip 7: Dividers

If you prefer to have privacy and the space is open enough, using dividers will create separate rooms. The divider should coordinate with the furniture and try to only use one divider in the room. Many people living in a studio apartment choose to use a room divider to separate the sleeping area from the living area. Another option without closing the room in is to use hanging beads to divide the living area and the kitchen area.

Tip 8: Furniture Arrangement

The goal is to create easy walking space and good traffic flow. Do not arrange furniture in a way that has you weaving in and out or knocking into pieces of furniture. If the room is more narrow than wide, create an “L” shape which will allow room to walk and make the room appear more open.

Tip 9: Focal Point

Create a focal point somewhere in the room, whether it is a different colored wall or a large, attractive piece of art.

Tip 10: Less is more

When it comes to accessories, minimal is the best way to create a larger looker space. Use pillows, throw rugs and picture frames that are neutral in color. Bright colors will draw the eye to the area, so use one or two brightly colored vases or other knick knack. Have fun and play around with small brightly colored items to let your personality shine.

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